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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Double AirPods for everyone!

Those of us who have AirPods are a kind of rare brotherhood and I explain myself. Spending 180 euros on a headset like that? That's throwing money away! For that price you have better! The launch of the Apple headphones was not particularly bright . It was the CEO of the company, Tim Cook, who had to step forward to explain his delay in the sale, which took place two months later than expected.

Once they were in the street, the delay to get some went away until 6 weeks, a lot. Currently available in the online store of Apple from one day to another, is somewhat more complicated in physical stores, and its smooth operation has shut many mouths .

Reasons are not lacking, are synchronized immediately , are compatible with Siri and do not weigh, do not fall despite running at breakneck speed, and are able to stop the playback of music just by removing one.

For all this, and much more as its prodigious W1 chip, its autonomy and loading speed, have made Apple see its sales growth increase dramatically for next year. The well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, and one of his famous reports, predict that the scandalous figure of 28 million units will be sold by 2018 , while in this present year that now finishes the figures are between 13 and 14 million. An increase of double in terms of sales volume.

And that's not all, the satisfaction rate of customers who buy them is 98 percent . Come on, only 2 points of one hundred percent, an objective that seems impossible. That's why in the Californian company they do not believe it, with how bad it all looked at the end of last year!

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