Downhill and without brakes, the price of the iPhone X would fall in 2018 -


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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Downhill and without brakes, the price of the iPhone X would fall in 2018

Many analysts are starting to worry a lot about the sales situation of the iPhone X. Apparently, the latest Apple smartphone would be having serious problems to achieve decent figures , considering that it is the most revolutionary iPhone and that supposedly should attract more buyers than the past generations.

According to DigiTimes, this poor performance would be causing Apple to consider implementing some important measures in order to mitigate the effects that may have bad numbers in their accounts, and in the minds of investors. Especially since the latter have already caused Apple's shares to fall noticeably.

Specifically, these are two measures that would affect both the present and the future of the range. In the first place, we would choose to develop three different models for the next year, in a similar way to how it happened, opting to implement OLED technology in two of them. The second measure, however, would affect buyers of the current iPhone X, and possibly also the iPhone 8. Apparently, the company is considering lowering the price of the latest generation of devices.

Of course, it would be a somewhat extreme measure, and today it seems complicated that Apple is preparing for a scenario like that. However, we can not rule out either of the two measures. It is special, the second, that could harm all those who already possess a terminal of this last generation.

Whether they will apply or not, is something we will know as 2018 passes. From DigiTimes it is speculated that the price drop could be announced at the beginning of 2018 , while the presentation of the new iPhone would remain in September. We will be vigilant if any additional detail appears.

And you, are you thinking about acquiring the new iPhone X?

Via | Yahoo Finance

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