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Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Error logging in with Apple ID, how to fix it?

Our Apple ID is a treasure. A simple email address is useful for both, to have access to iCloud, to be able to make purchases in the App Store , to give an example, but when a problem arises we get shaky, and rightly so.

Maybe you've ever encountered this situation, as you might find an Apple device, you put your Apple ID and you get an error message like " an account with that identifier already exists ". What can we do?

How to fix the login error?

Unfortunately, it is not something that can be resolved immediately, but we have grouped the possible solutions into three , which we will now detail.
Contact the Apple SAT

The friends of Apple are going to be the ones that will be able to help you the best. It is best to contact them at this address , so they can help you solve your problem. For this it is important that you have your Apple ID at hand and at least, try to remember, even if only vaguely, what your password was like. Remember that it must have at least lowercase, uppercase and a number.

Change e-mail

If this solution does not satisfy you and you have another email in use , you can try to change your previous email for that new one. To do this, you must have a session started on a device, that is, you must have the password.

Make a new Apple ID

Maybe you are not in the mood or want to talk with the SAT of Apple, if you do not care maybe you can create a new Apple ID . Remember that it is free and it is done in a few minutes and that if you wish, you can do it without associating a payment method .

We recommend you always talk to Apple , because normally security errors are solved by them without any problem, only responding to the information they ask us.

Have you ever seen this problem? How did you solve it? 

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