From China comes Little Pepper S11, the cheap copy of the iPhone X -


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Wednesday, 20 December 2017

From China comes Little Pepper S11, the cheap copy of the iPhone X

Over the past few years, China has made significant progress in terms of technological development. However, there are many clones that are born in this country trying to imitate the success achieved by the original terminals. And of course, now that Apple has released its iPhone X , the biggest jump since the first iPhone was released, it was obvious that sooner or later a copy of this device would appear.

A few days ago, we were able to see the existence of one of these copies through the entity responsible for the certification of electronic devices in China, TENNA. The Little Pepper S11, which is what the device is called, seems to achieve, at least to the naked eye, the same design as the original iPhone X. The problem is, as always, that it will not get close , much less, to the quality level of Apple's phone.

A phone that the only thing that has a resemblance to the iPhone X is ... A fake eyebrow? 

This new mobile phone, which for now do not know more than what is included in the certification form, would have a 5.5-inch screen , somewhat smaller in size than the iPhone X. Somehow, try to imitate the same "Entrecejo" that has the latter, although it is difficult to imagine, since they would need flexible panels that are not usually available to any company. That without taking into account that it would only show a resolution of 720p.

As for the SoC, little is known about it more than the speed of its processor, which would be 1.3 GHz and would be quad-core. You may have a fingerprint reader on the front, because unlike the original model, this clone has a start button , but it is something that would be discarded. It would go on sale with three variants of storage and RAM, which would reach up to 3 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage, but there is no fixed price for any of them.

And to you, what do you think of this attempt to copy the iPhone X?

Via | UrbanTecno 

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