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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

From iPhone 6 to iPhone 8 Plus: a personal experience

Normally we are used to making comparative iPhone posts in a quantitative way, that is, with specifications and technical data, and not qualitatively. And it is that these figures and features do not know how they will translate into our user experience and it is not until we acquire the terminal that we discovered it .

So today we want to evaluate how it has been the jump from an iPhone 6 user to an iPhone 8 Plus , that although not as many covers as the iPhone X, still has the same processor and dual camera. Another advantage is the price: besides being cheaper per se , it is much easier to find offers.

Screen: what a wonder are the Plus models

It is obvious: moving from a normal model to a Plus is wonderful at the screen level. You can think that with a 4.7-inch model you look great, but 5.5 is noticeable and a lot. But even though the iPhone 8 does not have an OLED display, it looks better than the iPhone 6 .

Both models may have a screen with Retina HD, but the True Tone and the higher resolution (Resolution of 1,920 × 1,080 pixels at 401 p / p of the iPhone 8 Plus for the 1,334 × 750 to 326 p / p of the iPhone 6). The result? A mobile with higher resolution and more perception of light and color .

Battery: move from charging twice a day to two days

Another obvious improvement is the battery for various reasons . It is logical that when we buy a new phone the battery lasts longer. A new phone has the battery intact and our old phone already has some charging cycles behind it.

In addition, moving from the 1,810 mAh of the iPhone 6 to the 2,675 mAh of the iPhone 8 Plus is noticeable and much. In general, the Plus models have a superior battery to tolerate the greater consequential consumption of a larger screen and because it simply fits into a larger device.

If you buy a Plus model, you will be surprised with its autonomy and that is what happened to this user, who went from charging the iPhone 6 twice a day to the iPhone 8 Plus lasts two days .

In addition, the iPhone 8 Plus has the bionic processor A11, which is optimized to consume less despite being more powerful .

Processor: at lightning speed

Now we know that when we update our devices, Apple reduces the frequency of our processors to protect the useful life of the battery , in short, that Apple slows down our old iPhones .

That's one of the reasons why when we buy a new iPhone we notice that it goes like a shot . That's why and because the A11 chip is the fastest on the market.

The user has given the iPhone 6 to her mother, who will use it for four such happy things, but she will enjoy the A11 to the fullest. Open apps with one and another have nothing to do: Obviously, going from 1GB to 3GB of RAM has something to do .

WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, games, Google Maps ... it does not matter if you have several apps open, the iPhone 8 goes like a sigh!

Taking pictures: I've fallen in love with portrait mode 

It is true that with an iPhone in your pocket you do not need a camera in most cases, but the improvements in optics going from iPhone 6 to iPhone 8 Plus are brutal . The portrait mode is a wonder and although you are not fond of taking pictures, when you do you want them to go well. The same goes for stabilization.

The dual camera of the iPhone 8 Plus is a beast that holds the type before photos with movement, in low light, with unfavorable weather conditions ...

And why not an iPhone X?

Very simple: there are people who like the Home button . It seems comfortable, fast and intuitive. With the iPhone X everything is gestures. The same as the Touch ID, which works great with just posing your finger. It is not a matter of money. In the end, if you are going to pay 900 euros, you do not care to invest a little more and get the iPhone X.

Maybe the Face ID is the future and that on paper is more accurate , but if you are in some rare position in the end you have to end up taking the phone and putting the code. And with the Touch ID you can put several fingerprints on the same device.

Another issue is the screen ratio . Yes, the iPhone 8 Plus has edges, but the iPhone X is narrower, so even if it's all screen, it feels less useful than the iPhone 8 Plus .


After three years using the iPhone 6, it can be considered that he has taken advantage of his terminal to the maximum and that he will live a golden retirement in the hands of his mother. The iPhone 8 Plus is an ideal alternative for users who bet on the continuity of a consolidated design and with improvements as important as the A11 chip, its dual camera and of course, wireless charging. For the moment, the user is delighted and does not regret her decision. 

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