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Thursday, 21 December 2017

Goodbye to the broken screen of your iPhone: discover the unbreakable crystal

There is no doubt that the screen repair business is booming . It is not at all comfortable to carry any smartphone with a horrible cracks, that of prolonging in time end up causing wounds in the fingers and micro-cuts very annoying, in addition to the esthetic horror.

In the case of the iPhone, the repair of the screen is very malicious to the pocket . We say nothing of the iPhone X , an outrage , specifically a quarter of its value.

But researchers have accidentally discovered a polymer that could make repairs to the iPhone's screen a thing of the past. The point is that this polymer, called "polyether-thioureas" has the ability to repair itself in case of breakage. It is not science fiction.

It seems that to be able to repair the glass, you should only press it in the place of the impact , getting to increase the temperature of it and getting a solder that would eliminate the crack.

The author of the discovery is a Japanese graduate student, of course, who was researching on a glue. Compressing the material by hand for 30 seconds at least 21 degrees would cause the glass to repair itself and form a new sheet. The material would recover its firmness in a matter of hours, returning to a lower temperature.

If this type of material could be developed and mounted on electronic devices, we would be faced with a solution for those with butter hands . And is that no one is safe from any impact, that even using a case and protector, can be lethal if, for example, the phone falls on a corner.

Those who are probably not happy in the future with the development of this polymer will be the establishments dedicated to the repair of screens , which would see without hesitation their business diminished. Are we facing the end of an era?

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