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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Goodbye to the original Mac Mini: Apple retires its cheap desktop

For many this Apple product is a true unknown, however we are many users of the Mac Mini, a small and discreet desktop computer that comes with the right, that is, only the unit. No keyboard, screen or anything else.

Well, Apple decided on November 30 to give a dignified retirement to the Mac Mini models of 2011, the first that went on sale . What does this mean? Well, as it has been more than five years since its manufacture, Apple will not repair or support you if you have some kind of problem. Come on, that in case of problems you will have to find a solution on your own.

The list of obsolete Apple products then has a new member , and if you want to check the list you can do it from here . Apple will now be responsible for those latest generation Mac Mini with Thunderbolt 2 port and that were manufactured until 2014.

The models of Mac Mini of this date were the first with Thunderbolt port, and the first without an optical disc drive for CD or DVD . At the end of the day, and currently, there are many people who have abandoned these supports to do it from the cloud.

Among Apple's plans for the future, it seems that the Mac Mini continues to count in the plans of the company. The users, at least a part of them (and I include myself), see in this type of computer a perfect solution that combines the quality of a product well finished , and that works properly, with a very competitive price and that is within reach of Many.

Will it be a matter of time before Apple releases a new version of the little one in the family? Soon we will know.

Via | macrumors 

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