Google launches two brutal photography apps for iPhone -


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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Google launches two brutal photography apps for iPhone

The machinery of Google never stops, and today we have risen with the news of the launch of two new applications of photography for iPhone , which are the fruit of the work of Google's research program, named Appsperiments.

Self-esteem! , available not only for iOS, but also for Android, and Scrubbies , only available in the App Store are the name of the two new applications that we can start using right now on our iPhone. They are joined by Storyboard, which at the moment will only be available to users with devices that use Android.


The first of the applications with which Google has surprised us today is Selfíssimo !, which will allow us to make series of selfies in black and white and in different positions . The final result is very similar to the typical photographs that we have all taken on occasion in a photo booth.

One of the best options that this application offers is that we can save the entire reel of photos that we make or only those that we want .

Then you can download Selfíssimo! completely free from the App Store : 


Scrubbies is the second application that we can enjoy on our iPhone and that at the moment will be exclusive for iOS , although we imagine that within not too much time we will be able to see it on Google Play and that no one will forget that we are talking of Google, the creator of the Android operating system.

With this application we can be the closest thing to a DJ, rewinding or creating loops on a video clip . We can manipulate the speed, the direction of the video and many other things that will delight the users.

Download Scrubbies now from the App Store through the following link:
Scrubbies - Video
Scrubbies - Video
Photo & Video

Google continues working outside of its Android ecosystem and leaving us the most interesting applications like Selfíssimo! and Scrubbies that we can already enjoy on our iPhone. 

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