Google wants iPhone chips and "steals" an Apple engineer -


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Monday, 25 December 2017

Google wants iPhone chips and "steals" an Apple engineer

Every time we see a benchmark we find that Apple's chips simply play at another level . There's more to see: the A11 bionic chip of the iPhone X and iPhone 8 sweep the Android competition , which mostly have the Snapdragon 835 processor. What's more, even the iPhone 7 with its A10 processor with a year more than Seniority is capable of winning that same processor in certain circumstances .

In case it was not enough with the problems suffered in Android with updates or security breaches of its Google Play application platform, the performance tests show so overwhelming their inferiority to Apple that Mountain View have decided to take action .

As the saying goes, if you can not deal with the enemy, join him, or better yet, "steal" his human assets. That's what they should have thought about Google, which has hired John Bruno, the chief engineer of Apple's processor architecture department .

But this has other underlying news. And is that to date the majority of Android manufacturers except for Huawei (which develops its own Kyrin chips) have Exynos or Snapdragon processors under the hood of their terminals, although this could have the hours counted in Google devices .

Because if Bruno has been hired, it is probably because the next step to take over the throne as the best smartphone is to manufacture its own processor. At Google they have taken their immersion in the mobile market very seriously, either by hiring R + D + i, developing their fantastic camera that only requires a lens and AI and that has catapulted them to the throne of DxOMark as the best mobile camera never created and now with this next step, that of the creation of its own chips .

Via | Engadget 

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