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Friday, 1 December 2017

How to activate the iPhone X screen

We continue with more tricks on the iPhone X , Apple's flagship terminal and that was announced on September 12 in a long-awaited keynote .

This device has caused all kinds of sensations, from those who think it is not so much, to those who love it. Apple's bet has been an expected turning point , since since 2014 the design of the phones had not changed. And with the iPhone X, these changes not only come in an aesthetic way, but in an interior way.

iOS 11 has managed to take the experience with an iPhone to a higher level. Face ID has given it a magic halo and the OLED screen without bevels has taken the experience a point further. Without further delay, we will see the possibilities offered by this terminal to be unlocked.

How to activate the iPhone X screen

It's very simple, you can do it in three different ways.

    Lift it, this option is valid for other iPhone from the 6S as well. To activate or deactivate Lift to activate, go to Settings> Display and brightness.
    You can simply press the screen.
    Also press the side button.

If you have not been clear, watch this video.

With these three simple gestures you can check if you have any notification or just check the time. And the fact that the iPhone X has no start button has been a turn of the screw , but little by little we are getting used to it.

And it is a notoriety that this flagship has managed to break the market, the bulky of its cost made some alarms jump, but it is true that Apple has done it again, and in what way!

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