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Sunday, 24 December 2017

How to calibrate your Apple Watch to control your training with precision

The Apple Watch , a masterpiece of technological engineering that allows users not only to know what time it is, but also to communicate with their contacts, add reminders, make calls, obtain weather information ...

But the Apple Watch of the company of the bitten apple is especially useful in the fitness and health sectors. The smartwatch is very effective when it comes to counting your steps, follow your movements and track your sporting activity .

The GPS integrated into the Apple Watch Series 3 makes keeping track of your physical exercises a child's play. However, the models of previous generations need a configuration together with the iPhone to achieve a more accurate calibration.

Update your personal statistics 

First of all you should make sure that your Apple Watch is updated with your data . In the Health page of your Watch application you will have to configure some information such as your weight. You can also add your height, your sex, your date of birth ... all information is valuable when it comes to keeping track of your training.

Calibrate an Apple Watch Series 3 

To calibrate your Apple Watch 3 you only have to accept the permissions to track your movements via GPS. This is done on the iPhone from Settings> Privacy> Location services , in the section "System services" with the option "Calibration of the displacement".

Calibrate an Apple Watch from previous generations 

If you have an older Apple Watch you will have to do a semi-manual calibration. The general idea is to do a 20 minute exercise while synchronizing the data with your iPhone . Both devices will share data and compare information with their sensors.

There are a series of steps you can take to make the calibration process much more effective:


Use appropriate clothing to exercise, as light as possible. Next, take a good look at the sky and see that there is good weather and it is clear. In this way, your devices will have free way to share information with GPS satellites .

If possible, take your iPhone with a bracelet, do not hide it in your pocket. Now, open your exercise application on your Apple Watch and select your goal. Remember, the ideal thing is to do a 20 minute workout with your Apple Watch and your iPhone . The system requires this time for a correct calibration.

Via | Cult of Mac 

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