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Tuesday, 26 December 2017

How to check the battery status of your iPhone, iPad and Mac

One of the biggest problems that we find in most of our electronic devices has to do with the battery of them. Unfortunately the iPhone, iPad or Mac are not exempt from these problems. However we can anticipate them using different tools, among which CoconutBattery stands out, an application that checks the status of the batteries of our Apple devices.

Free download will let us know the age of our battery and its current status . If you keep reading we will explain more about this explanation and you will learn how to check the battery status of your iPhone , iPad and Mac easily.

What is CoconutBattery?

CoconutBattery is a free application for Mac, which allows us to perform a single task and that is none other than checking the battery status of your Mac or any device connected to it . Keep in mind that you must approve the use of these devices to be able to check the battery. As soon as you do, you should see an image similar to this one;

Now let's start to take advantage of this interesting application, which will allow us to quickly know the state of the battery, for example from our iPhone.
How to check the battery status of your iPhone, iPad and Mac

As we have already said, the first thing we have to do is download the application and install it, and then connect the device from which we want to check the battery status. First of all we can see several interesting facts about the Apple device such as the date of manufacture, the operating system or the storage space that is being used. If we click on the button Details of the device we can still more information that can be of great interest to us.

Just below this information is the section where we can see all the details of the battery of our device. We will see two bars, if we are lucky the two will be green. In the upper bar the current charge level is shown and in the second bar we can see the health of the battery . If this second bar is painted red, the news will be more than bad for us and for our iPhone, iPad or Mac.

In addition we will also be able to see information like the temperature, the cycles of load, the condition and the current capacity of the battery in front of the original capacity . All these data will give us information about the current status of our battery and will help us when we have to make a decision, whether it is a battery change or a device change.

Download CoconutBattery

Caring for and pampering the battery of our Apple device should be an obligation and one of the essential applications that you should use is CoconutBattery. 

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