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Sunday, 17 December 2017

How to create your custom ringtone without iTunes

Having a personalized ringtone on our iPhone has never been an easy task to perform, although to be honest we must say that with the passage of time has been losing difficulty. Now that difficulty has been reduced to zero thanks to the appearance of applications that allow us to create our personalized call tone without having to take hold of the always wanted, and at the same time hated, iTunes.

GarageBand is one of those applications, which in many cases goes completely unnoticed in the App Store, but to which today we are going to get much benefit. Follow the steps that we will discuss in this tutorial and in a few moments you will have your custom tone for the iPhone ready.

Before launching into the adventure of creating our ringtone, you should download the application itself . Next, you have a link to download GarageBand from the App Store;

How to create your ringtone with GarageBand from scratch

 First, we must open GarageBand on our iPhone and press the + symbol in the upper left corner . Now confirm that you want to Create a new song .
Before you will see a piano that you can use the way you want to record your ringtone, but with a maximum duration of 30 seconds.

 You can add to your creation different drums or sounds that will surely complement your masterpiece. When you finish you should see something like what is shown in the next image.

 Once you have finished we must save what will be our personalized ringtone . To do this we will press the triangular icon located in the upper left corner. Select My songs to save the progress and return to the GarageBand home screen.

How to create a ringtone with GarageBand using an existing song

The first thing we must tell you, before we embark on the adventure of creating our personalized ringtone using an existing song, is that you will not be able to use the songs you access from Apple Music or Spotify , for example , due to DRM protection . In this section you can only use songs purchased through iTunes or other applications.

    First, and as in the previous case, we must start by pressing the + icon located in the upper left corner .
    Now, select the Audio Recorder .

 Once in the Audio Recorder, we must touch the icon that represents three lines of sound.

 Look at the loop icon , which you can see in the next image, and tap on it.

Now, we must add the song or sound with which we want to create our ringtone . We must go to Audio Files and select the file of the location in which you have stored it.

 Click on the file and drag it to the left side of GarageBand. Note that you can only select 30 seconds of the song , so choose them calmly so that they sound perfect in your ringtone.

 Now, we only have to save our creation , by clicking on the triangular icon in the upper left corner and selecting My songs.

How to export and use your new ringtone

    The last step we are going to take is to save our ringtone, then export it and start using it. First touch on Select in the top right bar .

 Click on your creation continuously, until the outline turns blue, and then click on the Share button.

 Now, you will see that we have the usual options to share, but also an icon, strange until now, that will be a bell that will allow us to add our creation to the list of ringtones.

 Now, just go to the list of ringtones of our iPhone, which you will find in the Settings and in the section Sounds and tactile aspects, you can select the ringtone we have created , either from scratch or with a song what and we had in our mobile device.

With this we will have achieved in a simple way to create our own ringtone, through Garage Band, without having to resort to iTunes and for our iPhone to sound the same.

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