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Thursday, 28 December 2017

How to increase your sales through email marketing and newsletters

A good marketing strategy is a fundamental characteristic in the success of any company. And to devise an effective online marketing strategy, it is essential to use the services of a good email marketing platform to manage your newsletters.

The newsletters will provide your company with a fast and reliable way to increase your customers and, therefore, your sales . But in the current market it is difficult to choose between so many email marketing alternatives ...

What service to choose for the management of your newsletters?

Undoubtedly, one of the best options when managing your newsletters is to use the Mailrelay tool as a mass mailing program . It is easy to use, has very affordable prices and offers many advantages over the competition.

Mailrelay is an email marketing platform that will allow you to manage your newsletters, track your subscribers exhaustively, analyze your campaigns and send mass emails in a comfortable and efficient way. This useful email marketing tool offers you all the necessary information related to your mailings and your newsletters . You can access the full analysis of your campaigns and enjoy the advantages of Smartdelivery, among other very interesting features.

It should be noted that Mailrelay is not an application of the App Store, but an email marketing service available from any web browser , regardless of the model, or the operating system, or the compatibility of your device and / or equipment.

Mailrelay offers the possibility of sending up to 75,000 emails to 15,000 subscribers completely free of charge, as long as you follow Mailrelay on their social networks.

With this tool you can find out which subscribers open your emails, at what times, what days, their geographical locations, what links are more successful ... All this information from the analysis of your email marketing will boost your sales.

In addition, Mailrelay has Smartdelivery technology, which helps improve the delivery of your bulk emails and newsletters. But that's not all, in addition, the platform assigns you a consultant specialist in marketing via email to give you advice when configuring the tool.

These are the main features of Mailrelay:
  •     Email marketing management
  •     Mass mailing
  •     Smartdelivery technology.
  •     Use of autoresponders.
  •     Schedule of shipments.
  •     Programming API
  •     Specialized technical support
  •     Analysis of subscriptions
  •     Automatic control of casualties.
  •     High performance SMTP server.
  •     Google Analytics information.
  •     Synchronization plugins. 

Mailrelay works through a simple HTML editor . That is, you will not have to download any type of software or program to start creating your own newsletters for personal use or for your company. You will only have to register with a free account.

We are not talking about any tool, but one of the best solutions in the market for email marketing . There are many companies that use their services: NH Hoteles, Cadena Ser, ACCAM - Bankia, BBVA Vivienda ...

How to create a free account in Mailrelay?

Your free Mailrelay account never expires, it is not a trial demo version, you can use it every month.

1. First, you must fill out a form for the creation of your account with your data, mail and personal information.

2. Next, you will have to check your inbox to receive an email from Mailrelay.

3. Finally, the only thing left to do is open the email and click on the activation link of your account.

Mailrelay's email marketing plan offers very attractive prices, with all kinds of alternatives in relation to the functions, the number of subscribers and the number of emails.

Have you tried Mailrelay yet? What do you think about this platform for email marketing? What functions do you look for when managing your newsletters? 

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