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Sunday, 24 December 2017

How to know if the processor on my iPhone is slower

Just a few days ago, Apple confirmed that, indeed, they were applying a series of measures that reduce the performance of all their devices dramatically as they meet a series of conditions. And all this, is because of the battery of the devices.

As you know, the batteries that currently use the vast majority of electronic devices deteriorate over time. This is something completely normal , however, it seems that the iPhone has given them some problems. And Apple wanted to solve that.

For this reason, from a specific version, it included a function that limits the speed of the SoC, in order to reduce the possibility of the battery being discharged in a sudden way in devices that have a worn battery. All to not reach a level where the device was forced to restart. To know if your device is affected, follow these steps.

Check the model of your mobile

First of all, as is obvious, you should check the iPhone model you have, since this feature is only active on the iPhone 6 and higher models than this. In turn, the latest generation of devices is also saved, since it is not considered as a problem in newer phones. 

Discover what software version you have

Now, you have to check the software version you have in the Phone Settings. To do this, access Information within the General section, where you will find the iOS version of your phone. If you have a version higher than 10.2.1 on an iPhone 6, 6s or SE, or higher than 11 for iPhone 7, then you could have the function activated.
Check your phone's battery

As I mentioned at the beginning, this problem has an important relationship with the battery status of the device. Only the performance limitation will be activated if it is detected that the battery has lost much of its capacity . And to check if it is our case, we have to download specific applications from the App Store such as Battery Life. 

Review the results of benchmarks and hardware analysis apps

Finally, we have the most obvious evidence, that of the benchmarks, thanks to which we can know the status and speed of the components of the iPhone. However, we recommend that you take a look at an app called CPU DasherX, which will allow you to know the frequency that your terminal's CPU works. Worry if it is in a figure similar to that of this Twitter user.
CPU DasherX
CPU DasherX

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