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Friday, 1 December 2017

How to make hard reset, soft reset and factory reset iPhone X

The iPhone X is already a reality that every time a greater number of users enjoy and, as it could not be otherwise, begins to emerge by dozens in the network of networks the tutorials that teach us to perform different tasks with the new and flaming device from Apple. Most tutorials of the previous iPhone do not work for the new iPhone , since the disappearance of the Touch ID has marked a before and after.

At the moment to be sure, you still have not needed it, or yes, but whatever the case today we're going to show you how to do hard reset, soft reset and factory reset the iPhone X. As usual we will show you step by step and in a simple way, so you can do any of the three things without complications.

How to make a hard reset to our iPhone X

If your iPhone X does not respond, our advice is that you follow the following steps before launching yourself to carry out a process of greater magnitude and above all more aggressive for our device .

     First of all we must press the button to increase the volume and let go
    We press the volume down button and let go
    Keep the "On / Off" side button pressed until the Apple logo appears on the screen

How to restore the iPhone X from the factory

If we want to restore our iPhone X factory we must follow the following steps;

  •      The device must be turned on
  •     Access Settings, General, Reset, Delete contents and settings and finally select the Delete iPhone option
  •     If you have a password, it will ask for it, and if you have an active one, my iPhone will also ask for our iCloud username and password
  •     Now you should see the Apple Apple on the screen and the device should restart in a few minutes
  •     When your device turns on again your iPhone X should be like the first day you took it out of the box 

How to make a soft reset on the iPhone X 

Finally we will show you how to perform a soft reset of the iPhone X , for which you should follow the following steps;

  •     Press and hold the side button (located on the upper right edge) and any volume button
  •     When "swipe to power off" appears, release all buttons
  •     Now slide the Power control to the right
  •     Finally with the device turned off, press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears and then release it 

Depending on the problem you have on your iPhone X you should follow one or other of the methods we have shown you in this article, although as we always say, do what you are going to do very carefully and always following all the instructions. Touching where we should not go or going free can lead us to leave our mobile device unusable and unused.

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