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Thursday, 28 December 2017

How to maximize the battery life of your iPhone or iPad

The batteries of our Apple devices are probably one of the most important parts of them, due to the importance they have in the day to day. The company itself based in Cupertino offers us a series of tips on its official website on how to maximize the battery life of your iPhone or iPad in a simple and uncomplicated way.

Anyone who has an iPhone or an iPad should follow this series of tips right away, to prevent the battery from losing capacity and with the clear objective of extending its useful life as much as possible.

Update iOS to the latest version 

Apple usually releases officially and quite often updates of iOS, the operating system of the iPhone and iPad. In most cases they usually contain advanced energy saving technologies . This is why it is important that you always keep your device updated to the latest available software version.

Avoid exposing your devices to high temperatures

High temperatures are usually harmful for anything, but also for Apple devices. And they are designed to operate with an ambient temperature between 16 ° and 22 ° C. At temperatures above 35 ° C the capacity of the battery can be permanently damaged so it is really important not to expose our iPhone or iPad to these temperatures, especially for long periods of time. 

If we also load the device at high temperatures, this can be even more harmful , and is that the high ambient temperature, added to the temperature of the device, which grows when charging, can be a definite evil for it.

However, low temperatures are not harmful to our devices, and even if there is a decrease in battery life , this is normal. As soon as the ambient temperatures return to normal, the battery life will return to normal.

Do not charge your iPhone or iPad with its case 

One of the most peculiar recommendations that Apple makes is not to load our iPhone or iPad with its case . This has an explanation of the simplest, and is that when we charge our device, it tends to heat up normally, so if you have a case this can affect your battery to overheat.

If you are going to store your iPhone for a while with a battery 

It is not usually very usual to keep an iPhone or an iPad for a long period of time, but if you are going to do it, you have to take into account two key factors.

The first is to store your device in a place where the ambient temperature is always below 32 ° C. The second, and also key, is to save our device, with approximately 50% battery to avoid future problems.

Anywhere you have to keep your iPhone or iPad off , to prevent the battery from being consumed and remaining totally empty of energy which can be a problem.

Optimize the configuration of your iPhone or iPad 

Among the recommendations made by Apple through its official website is to optimize the configuration of your iPhone or iPad , basically adjusting the brightness of the screen and regulating the use of Wi-Fi.

Regarding the brightness of the screen the recommendation of the company that directs Tim Cook focuses on adjusting the brightness of the screen , either activating the automatic brightness or reducing it as much as possible, although this will depend on the ambient light that is in the place where you are

Regarding Wi-Fi, the recommendation is that you keep it activated always , although many think otherwise. And is that a Wi-Fi connection consumes less battery than a mobile network so it is always advisable to keep it activated.
Use the low consumption mode 

From the hand of iOS 9 came to our Apple devices the so-called low power mode , which lowers the power of the terminal, reduces the brightness of the screen or minimizes the animations of the system among other things in order to achieve a saving of battery .

The iPhone and iPad inform us when the battery level reaches 20% and 10% with what will be a perfect time to activate the low power mode . Of course, activating this mode is possible at any time, for example from the control center or from the device's own settings.

Check the battery usage information 

If you access the device settings and then the battery options, you can easily consult the consumption of the different applications you have installed on your iPhone or iPad . Surely this trick you already knew, but both Apple and we should strongly recommend that you use it regularly.

And is that thanks to this extraction of consumption we can detect the applications that consume more battery , a problem of them or because we are using them excessively. In addition it is also possible to detect that an application is spending too much battery for the constant sending of notifications, which you can deactivate.

Do not forget to check every so often the information on the use of the battery as it can allow us, in the simplest way, to maximize the battery life of your iPhone or iPad .

The battery of our iPhone or our iPad is the fundamental part of it and we should take care of it with great care and above all using the advice we have shown you in this article. Remember also that all these tips come directly from Apple. 

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