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Monday, 18 December 2017

How to set up your iPhone X to use it with one hand

Since 2014 Apple did not present an iPhone that had a new design, until recently the new iPhone X was released . This device presumes to occupy almost the entire front with a screen that has delighted more than one. Of course, like most smartphones with large screens, it is a nuisance to handle it with one hand , something that is very necessary on more than one occasion throughout the day.

So that you never have problems when handling your iPhone X with one hand, today we are going to show you in a simple way how to configure your iPhone X to use it with one hand and thus make the most of it, even in the more complicated moments.

Although Apple has always placed special emphasis on what is known as accessibility and in offering us the best facilities when it comes to using our mobile device, with the arrival of the iPhone X and especially of iOS 11, all this has become a bit more complicated. And is that the options that allow us to manage our new iPhone with one hand are somewhat buried among a huge number of menus.

How to use your iPhone X with one hand

To enable the function that will allow us to manage our iPhone X, and many others, with one hand we must access the Configuration of our devices and from there access the Accessibility menu that you will find in General. Finally, the "Interaction" option enables the "Easy reach" option.

Now with just slide down the start bar at the bottom of the phone's screen we can have a better position of the icons on the home screen to access them more easily. On iPhones with Touch ID it will be enough for us to touch the home button twice to see this same arrangement on our screen.

Now to handle our iPhone, whether an iPhone X or any other model from iPhone 6 becomes something of the simplest, especially in those times when we can only use one hand .

Has the trick that we have shown you today to have everything on the home screen of your iPhone handy?

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