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Tuesday, 26 December 2017

How to set up your new iPhone from 0

So you woke up this morning and Santa Claus had left you a little box with a printed apple, huh? Congratulations, you have one of the best mobile phones in the market . Remember before doing anything fundamental accessories such as a case and a screen protector that protect your device to last many years in top form.

I know that the cravings can, but it's time to not get carried away by them and configure our new iPhone properly following a few simple steps . We start?

Use automatic configuration

iOS 11 has a very useful function for these cases called Automatic Configuration. As you can deduce, your own mobile will automatically transfer your data from your old phone to the new one . Of course, for this to be possible it is necessary that your old phone has also installed iOS 11.

In this process you will access your iCloud, Keychain, iTunes, the App Store, iMessage and FaceTime accounts automatically. It's very simple: you just have to have the two phones next to it and you will see how a screen appears on your old iPhone asking if you want to configure the new one. You just have to click on continue and scan the code that will appear on the old man's screen with the new camera. And to enjoy!
Manual configuration

If you come from iPhone but you want to do this process manually, you must know that things have changed. Your new iPhone will have iOS 11 as native OS and precisely this iOS integrates a shorter initial configuration than before. With the new express configuration you can start using your iPhone in just a few screens.

In general, you will have two processes : the one that will allow you to recover the configuration of your previous iPhone or to do it as if it were a new one. The main advantage of the first is that you will have everything to your liking, however with the second you will get rid of some apps that you probably did not use.

Among the screens that you will find simplified are those of Wi-Fi, Find my iPhone, Location Settings and analytics to send diagnostics to Apple. We recommend that you activate all of them.

Apple ID Enter the credentials of your Apple identity or create a new one. It is vital that you memorize the email and password because you will need them to buy Apps or access the cloud.

In your new iPhone iCloud is essential, so make sure you sign in with your Apple ID to automatically synchronize your passwords, files, etc.

Configuring Face ID or Touch ID: Do not skip it and configure the biometric security system of your new iPhone because doing so will improve the security of your device. To activate it later you will have to go to Settings > Touch ID / Face ID & Passcode

Use the photo library: It does not matter if you have chosen an iPhone of 64 or 256GB, activate the Fototeca to make sure that all your photos and videos have a backup . Later you can change these settings in Settings > Photos > iCloud photo library .

Enter all your email accounts with their respective passwords to integrate them into the Mail manager. If you want to do it later, you must go to Settings > Accounts and passwords .

What if I come from Android?

Then the best thing is that you take your old mobile and install Move to iOS from Google Play . To do this, make sure you have enough space on your new iPhone, both are on the same Wi-Fi network and have enough battery.

You can start the configuration of your iPhone until you reach Apps and Data , at which time you will see 4 options, the last of them is "Transfer data from Android" . Open the Move app and pass your email accounts, contacts, messages, photos, calendars, bookmarks and compatible apps that are free.

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