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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

How to use lighting in portrait mode on the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X

The iPhone 8 Plus has been the first Apple device to give a twist to the portrait mode that already implemented the iPhone 7 Plus. A new way to shoot with a mobile device and that has made many users of Apple products are more interested in photography.

The iPhone X also has this mode, to have dual rear camera. Today we are going to dedicate this article to talk a little about the different lighting modes that we can use if we have an iPhone 8 Plus or an iPhone X.

The iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X are compatible with portrait mode lighting, as it increases the characteristics of the existing mode by using the depth map to add different lighting options to your image, either on the spot or later, when we edit it

In a professional studio, photographers use all kinds of lights when they photograph. By altering these lights, an experienced photographer can use the light on or around the subject to emphasize certain areas of the photo . Portrait mode lighting allows users to do the same, but digitally. You can choose one of five different lighting settings to adjust the lighting on your iPhone. And as with the other Apple editing features, it's not irreversible, you can add. modify or eliminate the effect at any time.

What are the lighting effects?

  •     Natural light.
  •     Study light.
  •     Contour light.
  •     Stage light.
  •     Monkey stage light. 

Things to keep in mind to use lighting in portrait mode

First of all, keep in mind that even if the mode is called a portrait, not necessarily what you want to photograph must be a person .

  •  After opening the camera app and selecting the portrait mode, my main advice is that there is good natural light. If the light is poor, a notification such as "more light is needed" may be missed. And believe me, the photos will come out with a lot of noise.
  • You can slide or touch the icons of the cube on the shutter button to change the effects of lighting, choose the most appropriate. Personally I prefer to shoot in natural and then change the effect.
  • Many times you will have to move away so that the portrait mode is activated, that is, to achieve the blurred effect of the background.
  • If what you are going to photograph is outlined in yellow, it means that the portrait mode is activated. Shoot without fear. 

And my advice, that you experience. Photography, although I am an amateur, it is about making tests and more tests, there are no magic tricks that are worth everything. I've been using the portrait mode of the iPhone 8 Plus for a while and there are things that work out well, and some do not. That is why my maxim is to try and see what I like, the photo that tells me something. For this reason I recommend shooting and then editing , the results can be surprising.

Via | imore 

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