How will the year be 2018 - let's try to guess -


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Sunday, 31 December 2017

How will the year be 2018 - let's try to guess

2017 year comes to an end, the result of disappointment, composite qualifications. It's time to try to present the new technology and mobile devices appears in 2018-m.

they can appear "without contact, smartphones".

That is, the flagship of gadgets, to the screen, of course, you can, but you do not need to touch with your hands.

All conditions for there is: Face ID is able to recognize user and responds to the line of sight, TrueDepth-camera understands the expression of the face and creates Animoji, and recently the game has come out, for the victory in which you want to move the eyebrows.

The logical development of events seems the appearance of such functions, as the recognition of the movements of the eyes and in the articulation. This allows you to control the phone with your eyes: run the application, scroll through the screens, and to mark the short messages.

The front sensors of the cameras will be to analyze the area in which the user's gaze appears and choose the desired action.

Improved recognition of facial expressions can cause the analysis of the joint, which will also help to write the text and make the handling of Siri much more accurate.

We are already the advertising spots, where the user can respond to emails, without looking away from eating the hamburger and the chips; Brush your teeth and check the calendar; Communicate with the progress of the services, even if the phone can not be reached and the man is not able to speak.

Can appear phrases and memes: "how can you on the OLED screen with fingers poking out, perverts!".
And most importantly, it will end the era of dirty screens with those of fingerprints.

Wireless charging will increase the radius of action.

Smartphones will become "бесконтактными" and from the point of view of the loading process. Now it will be enough to touch the device to зарядочной of the station. Put the special phone of the mousepad will be optional. In 2017, conditions for the appearance of this type of technology already exist. At the end of December Apple patented an effective wireless charging mechanism.

Apple will try to enter the market of video games and game consoles.

The one of hit to 400 million dollars in the purchase of Shazam, and means a budget may be sufficient and in the acquisition of, for example, Nintendo or start their own production of consoles. Before Apple trying to launch in the market of video game consoles Pippin, but failed. In 2018, there are all the conditions to create a successful product.

Apple would pay special attention to киноконтенту and possibly start the header стриминговый service.

During 2017, the corporation picked up the command of the leading specialists in the area of ​​production of television programs and has launched several large-scale projects, such as the rebirth of the series "Amazing Stories", the continuation of the mnogoessiannogo the movie "Battlestar galactica" and others. It is likely that Apple is not satisfied with what has managed to capture a new niche.
Update of the SE series.

The iPhone SE will receive modern and the screen will pass before the iPhone 7, but keeping the traditional shape of the casing. However, what can happen with smartphones, painted details pablo Городницкий.

What ideas do you have? How can technology change in the near future? The incredible gadgets, in your opinion, enter the market?

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