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Monday, 11 December 2017

HQ Trivia, or how to win real money by playing trivia on your iPhone

We are not few that, in those moments in which you do not know very well what to do, we were watching some of the contests that they put in the afternoon in some of the main chains. At the same time, there was no shortage of those who thought that we could do it much better than any of the contestants who showed up. Well, now we have the opportunity to check it without having to move from our home.

After being a season disappeared, the creators of Vine returned a couple of months ago to the scene with a truly revolutionary concept. A live trivia, in which you can win real money. HQ Trivia, which is what that game is called, has come to change the way we interact with the contents , and it does so with the best incentive to hook users, thousands of dollars in prizes. Without having to play a single cent.

From the creators of Vine, comes the revolution in live interaction

HQ Trivia, is a game with really simple mechanics, enough to make it attractive for all players. Those who want to participate, are connected at the time indicated in the game menu, and then join a live game with thousands of users around the world. If you can correctly answer the twelve questions that are proposed without failing (Although you can get extra lives), you will share the rest of the players with the prize.

For now, many things to be polished are missing, but without a doubt, it is a very interesting pastime . The prizes, which are financed thanks to advertising and external investment, are getting bigger, and you only have to reach 20 dollars to transfer them to your PayPal account. You just have to download the app, verify your phone number (for the subject of cheating and that), and wait to have a stroke of luck.

And you, have you already tried HQ Trivia?
HQ - Live Trivia Game Show
HQ - Live Trivia Game Show

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