Huawei presents its own Face ID, will it surpass the iPhone X? -


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Saturday, 2 December 2017

Huawei presents its own Face ID, will it surpass the iPhone X?

Recently, the presentation in China of a new terminal in the Honor family of Huawei has taken place. The Honor V10 promises to be the next step to finish leaving Apple behind, bringing new innovations to a market that is constantly changing, as Apple showed us with its iPhone X. Or at least, that's what it seems to mean for the Chinese company, because in terms of innovation , we do not end up being so clear.

Yes, the new Honor V10 looks like the classic candidate for the crown of the mid-range . Many of the mobile phones that Huawei presents throughout the year have that same objective. However, they have tried to put a technology that may be a bit big, and that does not quite convince the public, a sensor similar to TrueDepth iPhone X, with ability to detect depth and scan the face accurately.

For Huawei, copying the Animojis is just the beginning 

The problem with all this, is not only that the attempts to copy Apple technology are becoming more and more shameless, but that in the Chinese brand they have not bothered to polish it enough. This has caused, that only serves for the version of Animojis that Huawei has devised, because it is not possible to use it as a method for biometric identification, since although the hardware is capable of doing it, the software is not prepared.

For that reason, for much theory that from Huawei have taught us these days, at the moment they are not yet at the level of the Apple's Face ID system. It may be a matter of months that they achieve it, but for now, it is not the case, and therefore, the attempt they have made in the Honor V10 is nothing more than an unfinished technology whose only use is to create more Animojis , something that it does not take advantage of its capabilities at all.

Via | iPhone Hacks 

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