In 2018 the mobile camera will be the new keyboard -


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Sunday, 24 December 2017

In 2018 the mobile camera will be the new keyboard

Sometimes you have the feeling that the mobiles have already hit rock bottom. Nothing is further from reality. Technologies such as Augmented Reality or facial recognition have come to stay. But yes, some time ago that the mobile is much more than a telephone. One of those differential factors is the camera . And this 2017 the main flagships have given a lot of war.

Without going any further, this year DxOMArk has been on everyone's lips. The reference laboratory to measure the quality of the images taken with mobile devices has evaluated each and every one of the top range phones and the results have been surprising ... especially for Apple, which is usually accustomed to taking the podium.

The race to have the best camera has begun 

And it is that this 2017 the Google Pixel 2 has done with the scepter with 98 points and differentiating itself from the strategy of the double lens initiated by Apple last year with the iPhone 7 Plus. In Mountain View they only need a camera and artificial intelligence to make pure art.

After him comes the iPhone X, the phone that has made us talk the most and one of the inventions of the year according to the prestigious TIME magazine. Huawei Mate Pro 10 is third tied to points with the flagship of the bitten apple. One step lower, the iPhone 8 Plus is without a podium with "only" 94 points. 

The camera is the new keyboard

Of course, if you like photography, you're in luck. The high range of this year have very little to envy in terms of results to numerous cameras on the market . The world has changed and now many of us have chosen to leave the camera at home. For what, if we already have our mobile in our pocket.

Between hardware improvements and advances in computer photography that include augmented reality or image recognition, we've never seen anything like it . Did you imagine last year taking a picture of a dish and having your mobile tell you the ingredients? Or that with only one photo your terminal is able to know where it is and what it is?

One thing is clear: the camera is going to be the new keyboard , the information input that starts everything, something that has already started with QR codes. You just have to take a look at giants like Spotify, Microsoft, Google or Apple itself to see how a better camera is just the beginning of everything that is to come 

The challenges of 2018

The first obstacle we will face in 2018 will be that of privacy . And it is that everything is as easy as pointing with your camera and get the information, something that raises questions like who decides what information appears.

The augmented reality also represents a challenge in this sense: we open the apps and we put the lens pointing towards everything that surrounds us. Unconsciously we are providing information about where we are, what we do or what we feel. So, in addition to technological development, technology companies must take appropriate measures to prevent abuse .

Smart cameras are already a reality : lenses working together with chips, sensors and large databases to achieve the most important application of your phone: the camera. 

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