In the future, Siri will whisper to you when you need it most -


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Friday, 15 December 2017

In the future, Siri will whisper to you when you need it most

One of the main problems that digital assistants have is that you lose all the privacy you may have at the time you use them in public. I do not mean now that your request passes or not by the servers of any technological company, but because when you have the answer, you will not hesitate to shout it to the four winds . At least, if by some chance you forget to keep the volume of your phone at a relatively normal level.

It is really annoying to see how everyone around you begins to stare at you because suddenly Siri has started to name certain contacts by mistake, or because she has not understood a certain question and has started looking for things on the internet that should never be sought. The issue is, that Apple knows it perfectly , and in fact, is already working on a solution for all those who have this problem. That is, the majority of Siri users.

"Hey Siri, whisper a song in my ear" 

Thanks to one of the latest patents that have been published on Apple, we have discovered a possible new function for the voice assistant, which would solve this problem, at least in theory. And no, it's not about forcing the user to write instead of talking. The company would be developing a feature to allow Siri to whisper in certain situations, such as when we are in a library.

Apparently, Siri would detect by means of the audio captured through the microphones of the device if the user is whispering the request. And if that were the case, the assistant would respond in the same way to avoid getting into trouble. Of course, although not all patents come to fruition , it would be good enough to consider implementing something like that.

And you, have you ever wished you could have a similar function on the iPhone?

Via | The Verge 

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