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Thursday, 14 December 2017

Install iOS 11.2.1 and fix the focusing problems of the iPhone X and iPhone 8

Yesterday night Apple released iOS11.2.1 , its eighth update for the controversial iOS 11 that many headaches are giving to iPhone users.

In addition to certain errors in Homekit, people who own an iPhone X or an iPhone 8 Plus the standard iPhone 8 model would not be affected) should install it to solve a problem in the autofocus of the camera that was detected in iOS 11.2 .

iOS 11.2 had a bug that affected the autofocus

According to the affected users, the camera of its brand new terminals was not able to focus properly when trying to focus an image. And it seems that during the taking of a photograph, the camera would be continuously changing from one lens to another so that the focus was not correct.

According to a comment Nixie, MacRumors reader:

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has this problem too: since I switched to iOS 11.2 my camera is unable to focus, the lens just seems to go towards and forward indefinitely. It has restored to 11.1.2 and the bug is gone, but as soon as I have upgraded to iOS 11.2. the bug returns to my phone, so it's a software problem. Anyone else with this bug?

It is also surprising that only users of iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus have experienced this problem , since on paper the iPhone 7 Plus should also be affected, unless some new and exclusive pieces of the 2017 iPhone as the bionic chip A11 are also affected.

How to solve the autofocus problem in iOS 11.2?

According to several users, restarting the device and changing the configuration of the camera did not solve the failure, only downgrading the software to an earlier version seems to correct it , until the new patch released yesterday.

And after its installation, those affected people have commented on various websites and social networks that finally your iPhone comes back to focus. Remember that you can install iOS 11.2.1 simply by going to Settings > General > Software Updates .

Via | MacRumors 

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