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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

IPhone X interface violates Qualcomm's patents

In early December Qualcomm, accuses Apple in the violation of 16 patents. One patent refers to smartphone of 2009 in the Palm OS operating system. Qualcomm believes that Apple illegally copied the Palm OS interface, reports PhoneArena.

The representatives of Qualcomm state that the gestures to switch between applications on the iPhone X have been copied from a Palm Pre smartphone, published in 2009. The device works based on Palm OS. In 2014, Qualcomm has purchased several patents related to the Palm OS interface.

All of Palm's development, owned by Qualcomm, had improved the functionality of mobile devices. They are also used in Apple products without a license or authorization.

From the Qualcomm statement

The litigation between Apple and Qualcomm began in early 2017. Apple filed the first lawsuit, accusing Qualcomm in unconnected behavior in the market. In response Qualcomm filed a counterclaim in which it asked to ban the import of iPhone in the United States.

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