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Monday, 11 December 2017

iPhone Xc: this would be the cheapest version of the smartphone

The new Apple iPhone X has features, features and features. Even its design, despite having caused a great controversy, is really wonderful. However, its price is exorbitant.

The iPhone X is available from 1,159 euros in Spain , and its price can reach 1,329 euros. Yes, its technology is worth it. But, undoubtedly, we are facing a price too high for a simple smartphone.

Anyway, from iDropNews have wanted to share some images of a concept of iPhone X much more affordable . Manufactured with a cheaper material but offering the same functions. That's right, the iPhone X knows the iPhone 5c.

When the iPhone X meets the iPhone 5c ...

So, a priori, the idea of ​​presenting an iPhone Xc can be quite bizarre. However, there are some very interesting reasons why Apple should launch a much more affordable polycarbonate smartphone to the market , both for consumers and for Apple.

All manufacturing companies are manufacturing smartphones without side bezels, with a large screen that covers the entire front of their creations. Apple will continue doing the same, presenting three new models with the design of the iPhone X in 2018.

But the images of this concept of iPhone Xc not only play with the idea of ​​a much cheaper smartphone. In addition, the polycarbonate of this design would make the iPhone Xc even more resistant to shock than the iPhone X. And is that its glass back shell is very fragile.

This iPhone Xc without side bezels, with dual camera, facial recognition and OLED screen would cost around 500 euros. What do you think? Would you buy an iPhone X with other manufacturing materials and with a more affordable price?

Via | 9to5mac 

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