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Sunday, 3 December 2017

Is it worth it to pay € 11 for this car game for iPhone?

The world of mobile applications and games is booming. Every time we look for more to solve our lives a little, and we do not have to pay something for them. Today we have set ourselves in a car game, typical of urban races with real scenarios where the law of the strongest rules. Its price is striking, almost 11 euros. Is it worth having it?

Yes, as long as you have at least an iPhone 6S or later. requires iOS 11 and high performance at power level and graphics. But does not it hurt to spend 11 cents a barrel? We do not think so, since once that payment is made you will not have to make more purchases within the application, at least paying, since they are free.

The impression that causes GRID Autosport is to have the graphics, sounds and gameplay of a console but on your iPhone or iPad, where perhaps having more screen plays much better. The best thing about the game is that the difficulty is progressive, that is to say, as you advance the challenges are more complicated. The level of realism of the graphics is impeccable , the sound effects are very well achieved.

You have at your disposal more than 100 real cars and 100 circuits to put your skills to the test, the touch and tilt controls make you achieve a magical driving experience in which you get to put yourself in the skin of the driver.

But of course, a game so achieved and so good has a handicap. It requires 6 GB for the installation and another 8 GB for the different extra packages . If you are short of memory you should rethink empty some files on your device to install it.

And finally we get wet. Worth? No doubt about it , the hours of fun more than compensate for that outlay, in the end you think what a game of another type of platform costs and it is not so much.

Do you dare to put yourself at the controls?
GRID™ Autosport
GRID™ Autosport

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