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Sunday, 31 December 2017

Is this the most original iPhone case of 2017?

It does not fail: when you make an investment as important as buying an iPhone, the case and the screen protector almost come hand in hand with your brand new mobile . And it is that although you value the option of making an insurance to your iPhone, you want it to endure as impeccable and beautiful as the first day.

Of course, the market of the covers is of the most varied : there are people who prefer them fine and discreet, barely imperceptible to the touch and that do not occupy space. Others choose to protect your device to the fullest with covers that integrate even a lid and reinforced protection at the corners. There are also eccentric people who opt for strident colors and shapes, leaving ergonomics aside.

But today is the most original cover we have come across this year. And we have seen many. His name is Rokshok and they are really two things in one: a discreet and thin protective case and in turn a case to keep the engagement ring . How? Yes, you read that right. As you can see in the video, kneel on the floor, open your Rokshok and record the exciting marriage request. Here is the video:

In this way you will ensure that you do not lose the ring and that you immortalize the moment in which they say yes ... or they say no and you already have the jewel stored in the back of your mobile phone and the graphic document of the pumpkins . For less than 40 dollars you can get this strange and surprising iPhone case that comes to cover a need that nobody had ever had.

If you have been wanting to know more or directly you want to get one, you can do it from the project website : Rokshok .

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