It is illegal to put people in WhatsApp groups without their permission -


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Saturday, 23 December 2017

It is illegal to put people in WhatsApp groups without their permission

The revolution that has meant the WhatsApp application of a few years ago is beyond doubt , but every achievement has also its negative side. How could it be otherwise we talk about the unspeakable WhatsApp group.

Many times we have found ourselves being part of the group in which we did not want to participate. It is quite annoying because then you have to leave and have to give some explanation . It is frowned upon to leave a WhatsApp group without even saying goodbye.

Well, we have known that unsolicited inclusion in a WhatsApp group can be penalized with high fines according to the Data Protection Law, although previously a warning would be agreed to the person who performs such action.

And is that the phone number of any user is considered a private data, and as we know, in this application are always exposed to the view of all people who use the group. Not so in the Telegram application, which only requires a nickname or nickname to be able to chat both individually and in groups.

In fact, both a restaurant and a small town hall in a town in Valladolid have been sanctioned for including people in a group without consent . It is not a matter to treat as a joke, since the law always protects this case to the user.

Fortunately, both for the City Council and the restaurant, there have been warnings, that is, a warning that does not entail economic sanctions. These resolutions can make think those heavy ones who are creating groups continuously , so that they do not do it so lightly. So if you find yourself in a similar position, assert your rights as a user. Although we think it is always better to arrange things more easily and without reaching such high instances. 

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