The iPhone is the most popular technological product of 2017, and Samsung? -


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Sunday, 31 December 2017

The iPhone is the most popular technological product of 2017, and Samsung?

It is the last day of 2017, the perfect moment to take stock of everything that has gone well, and what we could improve in the next year. And this, not only applies to people, but also to companies, especially those that depend on the consumer, such as Apple.

This year has been a really special one for the company. Ten years have passed since the launch of the first iPhone, the device that would finally change what we understand as a mobile phone . And on the occasion of this special anniversary, the iPhone X has come to stores around the world to change the world again. Or at least, the technological market.

it has succeeded or not, it is something we will discover over time. For now, if we can say that it has allowed Apple to maintain the first position in the ranking of top-selling technology products. And not just because of an insignificant difference, but Samsung has become a long way behind.

Although we must recognize that it is very good to have a second place in this type of rankings, the truth is that we are sure that they would love it to look like a more just battle. And, the iPhone has managed to sell 223 million units , when the Galaxy S8 and the Note 8 together have only reached 33 million.

On the other hand, it is important to remember that the iPhone X does not seem to have been the best selling phone. On this occasion, it would be the iPhone 7 that would take that prize. However, none of this changes that the throne of Apple in this ranking, which has been maintained for several years now, is completely out of reach of the Korean.

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