It's official, Apple has announced the purchase of Shazam -


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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

It's official, Apple has announced the purchase of Shazam

A few days ago they were already hearing some rumors about what would be Apple's next big acquisition . The truth is that the Californian company has never stopped conducting operations, however, they have been more focused on research on artificial intelligence and augmented reality. But this one is really special, since those of Cupertino have bought the main music recognition app.

That's right, the acquisition of Shazam has been officially announced as it was being heard. From now on, Apple will have among its assets an important support for its Apple Music service and for Siri. In fact, Shazam already had a collaboration with the company to allow Siri to recognize songs without needing to download the app, showing below a link to the owner streaming service.

From now on, Shazam will be part of Apple, complementing the purchase of Beats and Apple Music service

Although the company has not made official the details of the transaction, it is estimated that the operation has been valued at more than 400 million dollars , a figure that would be below the value of Shazam, although other would have to be taken into account Aspects such as the debt that Apple could have assumed. For now, no details have been given on what the integration of the app's equipment in Apple could mean for any of the platforms in which Shazam is present.

The creators of the iPhone describe the purchase as a piece that will fit naturally with Apple Music, in order to improve the experience of service users. In any case, they have not wanted to advance anything concrete, although they already announce that they have big plans for their new acquisition.

And you, do you use Shazam in any of your apps or in Siri?

Via | MacRumors 

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