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Friday, 29 December 2017

Jail for Apple managers in France for the batterygate?

The batterygate could go to Apple much more expensive than you might think . And is that the multiple demands and millions that are taking place throughout the world and the damage to their image, because of the French legislation responsible for the signature of the bitten apple could end up in prison.

Apple last week admitted that it slowed down the speed of its iPhone's CPUs with degraded batteries to conserve battery life . And is that if not, our old iPhone would suffer from unexpected blackouts. It is a law of life: as the lithium ion batteries fulfill a series of charge and discharge cycles, they support the energetic peaks worse, suffering failures in the energy supply under certain conditions such as when it is cold or when there is little battery left.

The problem is not the measure itself, but that Apple did not make it public to its users , who wondered how it could be that a top-of-the-range mobile device could lower its performance when it was updated.

This batterygate was discovered by a Reddit user , who made benchmarks before and after changing the battery of his iPhone and what he discovered was so surprising that here we are: with Apple apologizing , offering significant discounts in its battery replacement program and guaranteeing greater transparency.

But the thing does not end here: several states of the USA have already sued, in Israel have initiated legal proceedings against Cupertino and a French consumer association has also gotten to work. The difference is that if the first ones came to trial they would probably be paid with important indemnifications, the Gallic territory has legislation that could lead to responsible of Apple to prison .

The French consumer association has drafted a note explaining the reasons for the demand :

    Apple has made a global strategy of obsolescence programmed to increase its sales. Everything is organized to force consumers to renew their smartphones ... these practices are unacceptable and can not go unpunished. It is our mission to defend consumers and the environment against this waste orchestrated by Apple.

The law in France punishes deliberately programmed obsolescence with a fine of 300,000 euros, 5% of annual sales and a prison sentence of up to two years . It is clear that these measures are prepared for French companies and have no international validity, so the possibility of extradition is null, but there remains the seriousness of the consequences to which they are exposed.

A few years ago, a similar legal proceeding was started against Uber and finally everything ended in a fine, which is how this will probably end .

Via | BGR 

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