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Saturday, 30 December 2017

Know what are the 10 technological trends for 2018

Prestigious companies specializing in research such as: Ericsson, ( NASDAQ: ERIC ) and ConsumerLab , present the seventh edition of their annual report, which exposes the results of research aimed at exploring what are the 10 technological trends for 2018 and expectations consumption of the immediate future. These studies were conducted from the perspective of pioneer users who expect digital technology to operate increasingly in human terms.

The 10 most popular technological trends for 2018 are reflected in the expectations of the most advanced users.

These are the 10 technological trends for 2018

1-. The body is the user interface: more than half of the current users of intelligent voice assistants believe that we will use body language, expression, intonation and touch to interact with technological devices as if they were human. Two of three think that this will happen in only 3 years.

2-.Audición increased: 63 percent of consumers would like headphones that translate languages ​​in real time. 52 percent want to block the snoring of a family member.

3-. Eternal newbies: 30 percent say that new technology makes it difficult to keep their skills up to date. But it also makes us instant experts. 46 percent say the Internet allows them to learn and forget skills faster than ever.

4- The fourth in the list of the 10 technological trends for 2018 is social broadcasting: social networks are being invaded by traditional broadcasting organizations. But half of consumers say that Artificial Intelligence would be useful to verify the data published on social networks.

5-. Your photograph is a room: Imagine you can enter a photo and relive a memory. Three out of four people believe that in just five years they can use augmented virtual reality to take photos of smartphones.

6- Telepathic communication: 50 percent think that not being able to perceive the difference between the human being and the machine could scare them. 40 percent would also be frightened by a smartphone that reacts to their mood.

7-. Leisure society: 32 percent of students and workers do not believe they need a job to achieve a full life. Forty percent indicate that they would like to have a robot that works and receives income for them, which would give them more free time.

8-. Smart ads: Ads can become too smart for their own sake. More than half of the users of augmented reality (AR) / virtual reality (VR) think that the announcements will be so realistic that they will eventually replace the same products.

9-. Aerial streets: The streets of cities may be congested with traffic, but the heavens remain free. 39 percent believe that their city needs a network of roads for drones and flying vehicles. But almost the same number of people fear that a drone could fall on their heads.

10-. And the last of the 10 technological trends for 2018, is The future charged: The connected world will require mobile power. More than 80 percent believe that in just 5 years we will have long-lasting batteries that will put an end to worries when it comes to charging.

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