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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

LG G7 could arrive with an amazing Iris scanner

The LG G7 has all the chips to be a good terminal. The South Korean brand knows that what was done with the LG G6 worked and they want to follow that path. In this case we want to talk about the iris scanner of the LG G7 .

LG G7: Iris scanner

As usual, as a terminal approaches, rumors appear. In this case we are talking about a patent filed by LG. Which, could say that both the LG G7 and the other devices of the brand, would have it. In fact, they could use an iris scanning technology, similar to that found in the Galaxy S8 / S8 + and the Galaxy Note 8 .

The criticism regarding the iris scanner is security. No system is impenetrable no matter how well worked it is. This is not the exception, although it does not detract from it. One of the options that is shuffled would be for the user to track a series of points on the screen with their eyes. To make sure there is no interference with a static image. In this way LG wants to ensure that your system is as safe as possible. The problem comes from the discomfort that this can create. Going down the street following patterns with your eyes may sound even stupid. That's why you probably have to do touch-ups.

We will have to see how the South Korean brand manages to make this comfortable. Or at least much more viable and accessible to all. We will inform you as the news comes out.

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