Merry Christmas from Apple or why buy the Apple Watch Series 3 -


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Thursday, 7 December 2017

Merry Christmas from Apple or why buy the Apple Watch Series 3

When September 12th arrived and we were all attentive following the keynote, attention was logically placed on the new iPhone that was going to be presented. but the party had begun with the staging of the Apple Watch Series 3, the latest twist of the Cupertino factory .

The new Apple Watch Series 3 is undoubtedly the best friend of your iPhone, as it comes loaded with improvements that, while not being too obvious, are much appreciated. In addition, this update of wearable apple bitten is also called Apple Watch LTE, and that is the new feature more striking that incorporates the device, although at the moment is not available in Spain for not having materialized still the agreements with the operators.

This smart watch is not very different from the previous one physically, except for a new improved screen and a red circle on its digital crown . The latter undoubtedly stands out above all else, since that red dot is a distinctive touch.

And Apple, has launched on its YouTube channel a series of four micro-announcements of 15 seconds each that highlight the sporty nature of this device. It's Apple's way of inviting us to buy your product.

Apple has repeatedly emphasized the concern of the health of Watch users, since they can monitor the heart rate and warn of any anomaly, as there have already been some cases that we have echoed . For Tim Cook, technology and health must go hand in hand.

" Many people collect data with the Apple Watch and notice something that does not work and then go to the doctor to have it checked. A not insignificant number has discovered that if it had not gone to the doctor, it would have died "said Cook in Fortune magazine.

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