More millionaire lawsuits all over the world to Apple for the BatteryGate -


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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

More millionaire lawsuits all over the world to Apple for the BatteryGate

Recently we knew that Apple could go to trial for slowing down their devices on purpose and without warning their users . Now, days later, the company is raining the demands. And ... yes, it is well deserved.

Recently leaked the news that Apple had implemented a correction system for the battery life in iOS . This mechanism improves the battery life, but interestingly slows down the performance of its terminals. Something that the company itself confirmed and justified. Wow ... and we complained about Lagdroid!

Now, in California and New York have presented the eighth and ninth lawsuit against Apple millionaire. In that lawsuit, Violetta Mailyan and her lawyers demand the exorbitant and extravagant figure of $ 999,999,999.

New multi-million dollar lawsuits against Apple

The following text has been extracted from Violetta Mailyan's lawsuit against Apple:

    "There are important questions about laws and common facts that predominate over the questions that affect members including, among others, the following: whether the respondent intentionally slowed down the performance of their old models through iOS updates or otherwise."

These are the damages that, according to the demands, cause to the consumers:

  •     Replacement of the old phone.
  •     Loss of use.
  •     Loss of value.
  •     Purchase new batteries.
  •     Detectable losses in the form of deprivation of the value of your iPhone. 

Israel joins the lawsuits against Apple

From Israel, another lawsuit has also been filed against Apple claiming that the company breached its basic duties to its users by not disclosing that its "innocent" software updates would have a negative impact on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

    "Apple breached its duty to consumers by hiding information."

In addition, Apple will be hit by all sides. Take into account that Samsung will present a new smartphone from its A8 series in January 2018, and its Galaxy S9 in February. You can expect that the company will make fun of Apple in relation to this issue. It is simply in its nature. Although, yes, always with a lot of humor.

Be that as it may, although the matter is relatively new, this issue is something that we already knew beforehand. With each new update, the devices of previous generations suffer a decline in their performance . This is the programmed obsolescence. This is technology.

Source | Patently Apple 

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