New from Google will prevent you from losing the train or bus again -


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Friday, 15 December 2017

New from Google will prevent you from losing the train or bus again

Over the years, Google has built a suite of apps that, if not because they are available on iOS, we would be envious not to have them. From the search engine's own app, to the Google Assistant, through Google Maps, which we will talk about today. All of them deserve a mention of honor for their fascinating features, and because Apple has not known how to create a competitor to match them after all these years.

The main example of this is, as we said before, Google Maps, which is undoubtedly still quite a distance from the Apple Maps app, never better said. Actually, it is not a matter of functionality, but rather of its availability, and in the case of the latter, they tend to be quite slow in terms of implementing new developments globally, and that, considering that Google is usually the one that more restrictions, it's not good. And today they have added more fuel to the fire.

Do not let a delay make you waste your time

In a new update of Google Maps, which seems to be distributed soon to all users, a feature has been implemented that allows us to perfectly control our route with public transport. When this version arrives, the users will be able to receive notifications in real time about the transports, so that we can quickly know if we can reach or not reach a certain place.

This is something that, without a doubt, will make the difference with respect to its rivals in large cities, where public transport is increasingly used . In addition, it serves to avoid wasting time, and know instantly if we have to wait for a delay in schedules, or if we can reach our destination just when we want. More than ever, Google Maps will help us better manage our time.

And you, what app do you use for navigation?

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