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Friday, 22 December 2017

Nokia prepares the iPhone 8 killer

During this year, there has been a name that has resonated with special intensity. A brand that, for a relatively long time for what is the technology market, had disappeared without a trace. Nokia, the most renowned manufacturer of the pre-iPhone era, resurfaced from its ashes like a phoenix, and did so by allying itself with the Google operating system. Or at least, that's what your brand seems to represent.

Sometimes it seems that we forget, but the Nokia that was left behind , will not come back. Currently, the manufacturer HMD is using the brand in order to revive it in some way, however, they are not by far the manufacturer that managed to take much of the mobile phone market worldwide. However, the devices that represent the new Nokia are not even turkey, we may find in them a great rival for the iPhone.

Although we discussed earlier when talking about the next Samsung phones, it is very difficult to try to reach Apple in terms of hardware. Currently, those in Cupertino have the best components in their hands, and have them exclusively.

That does not mean that a rival can be erected in other aspects, such as design or quality. And if they are able to follow the same philosophy that made old Nokia famous, the one that paid dearly for betting on Windows Phone, then Apple may start to get a little scared.

For now, with the data we have about the new Nokia 9, which will become the flagship of this new Nokia , we can say that it has everything to face the iPhone X. The question is whether the company itself is interested in the terminals facing each other. As we said before, it is not the same Nokia of yesteryear, and it no longer has the same strength. Perhaps the most reasonable thing would be to let Samsung try to keep facing Apple.

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