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Sunday, 17 December 2017

Our app of the week is incredibly good

Today we have chosen a game as an application of the week. And no, it's not just any game. Nothing more and nothing less than 100 awards has to his credit . We speak of Playdead's INSIDE, a marvel in terms of plot, graphics, sinister-looking scenarios and that we know will not leave you indifferent.

First, say that this game is the continuation of LIMBO, a previous success. And that the game developers have made a titanic effort, take a console game , such as the PS4 or Xbox, to an iPhone or iPad . Task is not simple but according to what we see when the game is downloaded, it has had its reward.

The game has all the elements necessary to be a success, such as mystery, touches of humor and riddles that will take your mind to the limit . Your brain will never stop thinking, while you solve a puzzle your head is already thinking about the next, so the feeling of going to the limit is continuous.

Playdead's INSIDE conveys the feeling that each scene has been carefully designed, leaving no detail at random. The work as to how these scenes look on the device is a real prize. Saving the distances, it reminds me a lot of what has been done in the game Monument Valley 2 .

Once you play, you can quickly identify yourself with the character, a faceless boy with a characteristic red shirt . In short, it is a masterpiece of 2D platform design that you should not miss. The game is free at first, although unlocking it completely costs 7.99 euros.

The best thing is to discover how it is and where LIMBO's successor is able to take you. Or do you want to lose it? 

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