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Sunday, 10 December 2017

Our weekly game is the fun WonderWorlds

This week we want to recommend a game that falls in love from the first moment, either by its graphics, plot or music. We are talking about WonderWorlds. The game is a place to unleash your imagination , free your adventurous spirit and discover mysteries, beautiful things and, perhaps, the odd danger.

The evil ones have arrived and it is time for you to dispatch them all. Grab, jump, spin and launch yourself to advance in a fantasy world through hundreds of handmade levels and get objects, stickers and costumes.

But that's not all: have you ever wanted to create your own dream world or even a nightmare? And a medieval zoo, a solitary castle for superheroes or a delirious photo album of your vacations? A race track, a cheese fair, a helicopter heirloom turboprop ... You can build everything: the only limits are your imagination and your desire.

WonderWorlds is the place where fantasies come true. Its degree of configuration is high , it is friendly from the first moment you play and does not disappoint in any way. Let's see the game notes of the App Store.

    The entire single player campaign: the adventure to the end of our story.
    Lots of creative content to let you make your own adventures (almost everything we use to create the single player campaign!).
    Lots of unique items and full costumes for your avatar.
    Unlimited access and the ability to share in the WonderClub, where you can play in many levels created by the WonderWorlds community.

In short, a delicious free game that leaves you wanting more and that you should not miss on your list of essentials. We wait for you in the next psot! 

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