Samsung will manufacture 200 million OLED screens for the 2018 iPhone -


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Thursday, 21 December 2017

Samsung will manufacture 200 million OLED screens for the 2018 iPhone

Less than two weeks before the end of the year, every time we hear new rumors about the iPhone 2018. At the moment everything points to three: an "affordable", another similar to the iPhone X and one with a larger screen. As for the design, probably follow the wake of the iPhone X with its almost complete OLED screen and the Truedepth camera. But will the 3 displays be OLED? It seems that yes , since the rumors indicate that Samsung would be manufacturing 180 to 200 million of them destined for Cupertino .

Are those 200 million many or few? To give us an idea, there are four times what Samsung has provided this year , approximately 50 million. That's why we commented before that it seems that Apple has thrown into the pool with the OLED.

By the way, to acquire this impressive sum of screens would suppose an investment that goes between the 19,800 the 22,000 million dollars , if we consider that the cost of a single screen is of 110 dollars. Yes, this price includes the plastic and the touch sensor.

It is quite curious that the main rival of Apple is in turn the provider of their screens, what is clear is that with the success of the iPhone they all win . However, the signature of the bitten apple wants to reduce the influence of Koreans in its production chain, so in the medium term LG will begin to manufacture them .

With the arrival of LG and other manufacturers, the following question is clear: will Apple fully adopt OLEDs, even integrating them in the iPad Pro? The adoption of this type of screens and design makes the launch of other more affordable terminals unlikely, such as a theoretical second generation of iPhone SE .

Via | Patently Apple 

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