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Monday, 11 December 2017

San Francisco puts obstacles in the way of delivery robots

The San Francisco authorities have been given the task of requiring special licenses to startups or companies that use robots to deliver packages or other products, and the condition they have been given is that they can only operate in specific areas, especially where there is few pedestrians, this in order not to interfere with free pedestrian traffic and avoid the proliferation of robots on the tracks.

The SF Board of Supervisors of San Francisco put a brake on the proliferation of delivery robots that circulate around the city. This type of robots can deliver goods autonomously, avoiding obstacles such as pedestrians, dogs or urban furniture, but the authorities intend to impose greater control. In that city of the United States, the companies interested in having this type of robots will now have to request specific licenses for this and commit to operate in specific places.

Personal delivery robots in San Francisco:

At this stage of technological development, the delivery robots still require a human operator equipped with a joystick, ready to intervene if the situation warrants, and this is controlled in turn by a cable connection. For example, for a restaurant that has this delivery delivery service, there is a human employee who must place the order inside the robot, another to control the journey and then the customer only has to insert the PIN code to open the compartment and take out food. In the near future, we can have an operator inside a control room dedicated to monitor the path of several robots, and the proliferation of these robots in the streets could lead to accidents and collisions, something that the San Francisco organism aims to regulate from now on

Recall that there are already almost autonomous robots circulating in public spaces, robot-nurses that provide health care in hospitals and many other activities that these robots develop, so it is natural that some concerns arise and the need to regulate this activity, in particular to ensure the safety of human beings.

The San Francisco authorities intend to include sound, light alerts and that each company presents a form of insurance against collisions, accidents and damage to property or people. Only with these requirements fulfilled is it going to issue the necessary authorizations for the operation.

In this way, it is intended to take control and order to prevent these new delivery robots from appropriating the streets of the city generating anarchy

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