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Saturday, 30 December 2017

SASUFO, the new virtual system that helps overcome phobias

SASUFO , the new virtual system that helps overcome phobias, was created by Adriana Martínez, a student at the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) of Mexico. Sasufo is a system to deal with "specific phobias" by recreating scenarios using virtual reality technology, according to the educational center through a statement on December 27.

Sasufo is an immersive therapeutic system that recreates virtual reality scenarios where the patient lives his fear in a controlled manner.

The treatment is performed through the Oculus Rift viewer , a virtual reality helmet, which allows the patient to experience simulation in virtual reality, to be inside a dark room or in a tall skyscraper, and provides the immersive experience with which user has the freedom of movement to flip and walk in the virtual world. Until now, the programming platform works with fears such as nytophobia, which is fear of darkness and acrophobia, which is the fear of heights, but allows adding other phobias.

The viewfinder is complemented by a sensorial band, called muse, that when placed on the patient's forehead during the navigation of the scene, detects the behavior of brain waves, alpha, gamma and beta, although the latter detects them in a range of 13 at 39 megahertz, in order to measure sensations such as stress, anxiety or fear.

In parallel, the psychiatrist runs a program on a computer where he monitors, by means of frequency graphs, the brain activity of the patient. If you leave the average range, the specialist will stop the simulation or return to a primary level to continue the session.

Sasufo counted on the advice of doctors and psychiatrists of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) who said that they carried out tests on subjects who are currently receiving treatment and were positive.

In the case of the creation of scenarios, these were made based on the opinion of the specialists Martha Rosa Cordero and Marco Antonio Dorantes who advise the project, and others clarify that the exposure to fear is progressive.

"The prototype is a platform in which profiles of the therapists and each patient's file are created. The base is now ready, only appropriate adjustments must be made, "Martinez concluded.

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