Should they have the 2018 Touch ID iPhone on the screen or Face ID? -


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Sunday, 17 December 2017

Should they have the 2018 Touch ID iPhone on the screen or Face ID?

As technology advances, it is necessary to make certain decisions to get the public to accept the change. Bet everything for a system in a sea of ​​alternatives , and hope that this is the right choice. It's something that has always happened, and will continue to happen, and the choice of Face ID by Apple over any other method for your new iPhone X , is one of those bets.

In this case, it seems that Apple decided that Face ID was the best option because other solutions, or did not end up liking the company, or simply were not prepared to enter a consumer product, such as the iPhone. For this reason, they left behind the technologies that, for example, allowed to maintain the fingerprint sensor while hiding below the surface of the screen.

Synaptics Clear ID is the great alternative to the Face ID, but Apple has no intention of taking it to the iPhone

However, not long after, it starts to give the impression that perhaps Apple may have been wrong. Although Face ID is really accurate, for many it is not as comfortable as Touch ID was. And then, Synaptics appeared with a new sensor that allows everything Apple does not achieve, at least on paper. Synaptics Clear ID will provide manufacturers with a biometric unlock method that will not compromise the design of the terminal.

But not everything is as fantastic as they want to make you believe. First of all, it's not going to be as precise (and safe) as Face ID. It may be faster, and not mean having to put a brow between the phones, but for Apple, the future of the iPhone is already clear. And although we would like to be able to have this alternative for convenience, it does not seem that the company is going to get off the train of facial recognition nor now, not in 2018.

And you, what do you think of Face ID?

Via | BGR 

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