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Thursday, 28 December 2017

Siri can swear in iOS 12

We are many iOS users who firmly believe in the potential of Siri, but nevertheless we miss a certain dose of naturalness . As Cortana or Alexa, have details and gestures that bring humanity to their artificial intelligence , Siri often falls short. Mind you, we are not talking about your response capacity or your intelligence engine, we are talking about something much deeper: background, character, personality or even "soul".

Well, it seems that Apple have heard our prayers. The new version of iOS, the twelfth , will include, among many other novelties, a very complete renewal of Siri . This update of Apple's intelligent assistant would aim to strengthen and strengthen its position in the segment of virtual assistants, in a 2018 that is key in that aspect, especially by the sale (finally) of the sounded intelligent Apple speaker: the brand new Homepod.

Siri will be completely renewed with a curious function

As revealed by Craig Federighi, manager of Siri development , in a recent interview, apart from a series of improvements in internal intelligence that we will advance you throughout today, Siri will be able to swear . This improvement will be introduced with the update to iOS 12, that is, within approximately one year . We can ask the new Siri to let off steam with us or even compete to see who gives the biggest expletive . In addition, according to Federighi in the interview, Siri will learn from us and adapt their insults to our way of speaking so that we feel like one of our circle .

We must remember that Craig Federighi has been in charge of Siri for just a couple of months , and can boast of being a reference in terms of software engineering. Apple has decided to leave in their hands the renewal of Siri and without a doubt, Federighi is starting very strong .

The swearwords will bring Siri closer to the users

One of the most striking features of this new functionality of Siri is that depending on the geographical area in which the user is as well as the language of the configuration, Siri will adjust its vocabulary of swearwords and use those that are closest to your owner. For example, if we are in Bilbao or San Sebastián Siri you can call us "Pepelerdo", while if we bother you from Mexico, you will probably "send us to hell".

With this improvement Apple puts all the meat in the grill to compete in 2018 in the very first division of smart assistants. What have you left wanting more? Well, there is a final surprise . In this video you can see a still very green prototype of Siri insulting some Apple engineers. Very shameless, right? 

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