Some iPhone users could receive up to € 500 from Google -


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Saturday, 2 December 2017

Some iPhone users could receive up to € 500 from Google

After reading the headline you may think that Google has gone crazy and decided to give that money to Apple users because they really like it and things are going very well, but the background is much more serious than it seems .

It would be a class action lawsuit that British iPhone users between June 2011 and February 2012 used the search giant without going through Safari's security settings . In total, the number of people affected by the demand is 5.4 million people.

This class action lawsuit is filed because users think that their rights as consumers have been violated and have accepted a series of conditions without really knowing about them. Personal data would have been infringed illegally. Apparently, during that time, a cookie that was tracked on the user's iPhone was installed without consent .

The data referring to the demand can be consulted here , and to be part of it, we speak of the United Kingdom, you should simply be able to show that you had an iPhone between those dates and provide your Apple ID.

And is that users every time we take more seriously the treatment that large companies do on our personal data, which can swarm without any consent on our part to obtain benefits . Logically, to undertake a demand of this kind alone could be quite an odyssey, since we speak of a single person against a technological giant, but in the case of the United Kingdom have managed to bring together more than 5 million people , so this demand could have a positive effect for those affected.

Sources consulted estimate as very optimistic these 500 euros of compensation for each user being the most realistic forecasts of about 200 euros , even so, we will not know if these people would be compensated with that amount, many times the violation of rights can not be quantified with money.

Via | 9to5mac 

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