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Thursday, 14 December 2017

Storyboard: The new Google application is a tool to make comics

The Storyboard application of Google Play , transforms photographs and videos into comics, isolating frames and applying the aesthetic treatments necessary to transform the shot into cartoons images.

Storyboard: The new Google application

Google has started this week the announcement of the launch of new applications of photography and video for mobiles. These applications developed by Google Research are part of its new Appsperiments program. The first one is called Storyboard and is only available for Android phones. The application transforms the videos taken into comics style pages, using and choosing four frames of the clip. The second is called Selfissimo and is available on Android and IOS.

Google takes advantage of the fashion of selfies, to launch this application. The App tells you to do a variety of poses and between each of them, when it does not detect movement, it makes one and another photo successively. After the user can choose the images that you like. The third is Scrubbies, which for now is only available in IOS. This editing application cuts the best moments of a video to create loops, shorter videos and mix it in a simple and intuitive way.

But the application that is having the greatest impact and acceptance by the public is the Storyboard. The new application, which can be downloaded through Google. This application transforms the photographs and videos into pages of comics, using filters and demarcations necessary to achieve that cardboard style for both photos and videos.

It is understood that this latest application, Storyboard is still in full development, so it still has very limited options. At the moment, the only functionality available is the one that allows the user to upload a video in the application, wait a few seconds, and extract a page of comics with special effects to precept. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can update it with new styles or with different panel layouts. This update is automatic, so it is not possible to make changes individually to each of the panels.

Taking into account that Storyboard will surely become a great application for Android, it is obvious that this app, still in development, does not have any social functionality, but it is possible that it becomes one of the favorite applications of the millions of Instagram users. . It could also become a great help tool for small independent producers of YouTube videos and street productions.

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