Telegram X will make you stop using WhatsApp on your iPhone -


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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Telegram X will make you stop using WhatsApp on your iPhone

Recently, the Telegram Messenger LLP company has launched a new messaging application in the iOS App Store. Telegram X is a communications client fully developed with Swift, it is exclusive for iOS and has been specially designed for the iPhone X.

Telegram X offers iPhone users high speed, animated stickers, personalized themes and much more . Do you want to know what makes this new traditional Telegram application different? Keep reading!

Telegram X and its innovations for iOS

It is quite surprising that Telegram Messenger LLP has launched a new application instead of incorporating the improvements to its popular instant messaging app.

A version of Telegram X was in beta for two months and, in addition to the previously mentioned news, has a night mode.

The new Telegram X offers high energy efficiency , so if you are having problems with the duration of your battery you should try this new app. In fact, it is possible to use both Telegram and Telegram X in the same device.

However, Telegram X does not provide users with all the features present in the original Telegram application . One of the features that are most missed is the one that allows sharing the current location . But developers may soon include it in Telegram X for iOS.

Download Telegram X for iPhone

Telegram X, despite being specially designed for iPhone X, is compatible with all Apple iPhone models . Interestingly, this new app is found exclusively in the iOS App Store. You can get free Telegram X from the following download button:
Telegram X
Telegram X
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Let us know what you think about the new version of Telegram for iOS from the comments section and on social networks. 

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